Most people find an abstract idea hard to follow. But they can relate to a concrete example. Showing a live demo to customers is crucial in getting a positive vibe going in transformations and innovations. But this is harder in practice than you’d think. How can you decrease the time to build a meaningful demo?

Show me something concrete!

Why are digital innovations and transformations so hard to realize? For a large part it has nothing to do with technology. One of the biggest challenges is getting people to see what the future will look like. And why this will work better than they are used to now. Most people find it hard to follow an abstract idea. They need a concrete example to understand why the proposed change is good for them. Only until they have seen a tangible example and are convinced this works better for them, are they going to accept the new way of working.

Time to demo is too long

As an external consultant, I have evaluated quite some failed digital transformations. In many of these failed transformations it took way to long before customers or employees saw a live demo of (part of) the new concept that was going to be introduced. Some digital transformations start as system replacement projects. The urgency to get the end-of-life system technically replaced distracts attention from the organizational / people perspective, only to realize later that the users need to be taken along in a new way of working. Other innovation driven projects completely go berserk on buying new tools and technologies without having any idea which problems were actually going to be addressed. Before they figured out who is actually the target group and which problem needs to be solved many months have passed already.

Testing feasibility and consistency too late

Even if digital transformations really start with creating a new customer experience, I’ve seen many of them go crazy on designing customer journeys on paper and with stale mock-ups put into user flows. Although this makes more tangible for the user what the new customer experience might look like, it hasn’t been tested on feasibility and consistency at all. But this is for many critical users / customers a crucial aspect to be truly convinced. They need to experience going to the flow themselves and see that cases are handled properly. And even better, they want to see why certain decisions are made by the system. These are typically not things you can show to users in a live demo in such an early stage of a transformation with traditional prototyping tools.

Why is different?

With our platform, what you design is what you have available in a live app in realtime. So time-to-demo is extremely short. The data structure and business rules are modeled in natural language which (besides the actual user screens and flow of course) you can show to your product owner and their users / customers. This is different from typical other no-code platforms that generate technical code that people without tech skills cannot read. And does focus on feasibility and consistency from the start. The coding mechanism makes it easy to relate data concepts together and also design automation logic that manages that data in an integrated way. This ensures that the live demo you show to your users / customers is highly consistent and in principle feasible from the start. So you can demo something that seems very solid to your users in a very short time frame. Make them see it, make them believe it!

Sounds too good to be true?

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