A few tech things we’re proud of

We spent much time on providing not only an easy-to-use platform, but also ensuring that our platform is technically sustainable.


All changes are processed ‘on the fly’. No manual changes to screens, code, data or API are needed, ever. Version control is also automatically managed for you.


The full structure of a Hapsah app is fully inspectable via both its user interface and its REST API. So each user can see exactly which kind of data is processed in which way.


Personal user data is only accessible by the owner of that data: the user. The data that is processed as the outcome of rules are also visible to the app owner. True ‘privacy by design’.


Hapsah is lightweight and automatically optimized based on usage metrics. It can be used as a simple web app but also for high volume transaction processing.

Integration & deployment features

Our platform is open and can be easily integrated

easy cms integration

Integrate you app in WordPress, Drupal or Joomla with the Hapsah plugin.

rest api

Both modeler and app are accessible via the dynamically generated REST APIs

event sourcing

Incoming and outgoing events are logged and can be consumed and published via any integration platform

cross platform

Hapsah runs on the Java Virtual Machine and thus is cross-platform