Tutorial: Run app

Up till now, we have discussed only things about writing apps. Now it is time to test your app by running it! While writing your app, everything is about defining types (nouns, verbs and statements) and defining rules. Running your app is all about creating and changing instances of those types. So, instead of defining an entity type (while writing) you will create entity instances of that type. And also, when creating of changing instances, you will see how this triggers the execution of the rules you have defined.

Working with Hapsah apps involves three basic activities, which will each be explained in a separate part of this tutorial:

Create new instance

Make a new instance of an entity or descriptor including all its attributed characteristics.

Associate existing entities

Relate two existing entity instances using one of the available association types.

check rule results

Since Hapsah apps do most of the work for you, the main thing is to check if the rules you defined work correctly.