Learn writing apps with Hapsah using these tutorials. From the basics of creating nouns and verbs, to the more advanced topics like writing statements and rules. All tutorials follow one example app of a grocery store. You can navigate directly to a specific tutorial via links below or click the ‘get started’ button below.


Learn how to define the things of interest.
For example, a Grocery store offers Grocery products (such as ‘milk’ and ‘bread’) to its Customers.


Learn how to define relationships.
For example, in a grocery store a customer uses a shopping cart which contains grocery products.


Learn how to combine nouns and verbs into statements.
For example, Grocery stores offer Grocery products and Customers use Shopping carts.


Learn how to write rules.
For example, When Shopping cart1 contains Grocery product1 then increase the Amount of Price1 that Shopping cart1 is totalled to with the Amount of Price2 that Grocery product1 is valued at.