Tech as it should be

We all heavily depend on technology. The apps we use and the data we share. But tech is too complex for most people. We feel this is not fair. That is why we made the first no-code platform that speaks your language.

Write what you want

When you can explain your idea in words, you can build it with Hapsah.

Clear to everyone

When your users want to know what your app does with their data, you can show them the code.

No tech stuff

When you make changes to your app, these are active instantly without tech headaches.

Smart apps

Hapsah smart apps are intelligent systems that execute real-time actions without requiring user input.


They consume and analyse incoming events from multiple data sources in real-time .


They are always online, ready to make decisions without any required user input.


They execute actions when the right conditions are met, and produce outgoing events in real-time.