Tutorial: Verbs

After having defined the nouns for your app, the second step is to create verbs. Verbs define the connections between the nouns of your app. There are two types of verbs you can create:

  • Associations: the relationships between entities (e.g. Customers use Shopping carts).
  • Attributions: the assignments of characteristics (attributes and descriptors) to entities (e.g. Grocery products are referred to by Product names).

Example app: Grocery store

For the grocery store app we are creating with Hapsah, we need to create the following verbs.

Grocery store: Associations

  • To offer is to present (something) for (someone) to accept or reject as desired.
  • To contain is to have or hold (someone or something) within.
  • To check out is to indicate that the selected grocery products will be purchased.
  • To use is to take, hold, or deploy (something) as a means of accomplishing or achieving something.

Grocery store: Attributions

  • is valued at is to indicate the monetary worth of.
  • is located at is to be situated at a particular place or position.
  • lives at is to have as a permanent residence.
  • is referred to by is to mention someone or something in speech or in writing.
  • totals up to is to add up to a total amount.
  • is reduced to is to make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.