Seeing is believing

Most people find an abstract idea hard to follow. But they can react when they see a concrete example. Showing a live demo to customers is crucial in getting a positive vibe going in transformations and innovations. But this is harder in practice than you’d think. How can you decrease the time to build a meaningful demo?

What are reference data?

Reference data is data that structures or controls other data. Often reference data are stored in what people call ‘Code tables’. With reference data you can classify, categorize and control your data.

Where are my business rules?!

There is a lot of talk about data being the most valuable asset of your business. But there is something even more important: Business rules. They determine how you treat your customers. But how do you treat your business rules? Give them some love!

You can build something unique

Most no-code and low-code app development platforms get you up-and-running with a new app in no-time. But when you want to build something unique and long-lasting, they are not always the best choice.

Use clear language

Yesterday, I saw a poster of a cinema festival in my town called “Go short”. At first I thought it was about stock trading. But the guiding picture showed a cinema visual. So I was confused!

I entered my data. What happens next?

So you just entered a bunch of data in a web form. When you click ‘submit’ you receive a message: “Thank you for your request. We will try to process it within 10 workdays”. Seriously?! Can’t this be done differently?

Ontology and Business Rules in an Event-Driven Architecture

Event-Driven (Business) Architecture (EDA) helps in building efficient value chains where high quality data is produced and exchanged. Adding Ontology and Business Rules perspectives to an Event-Driven Architecture helps increasing its efficiency and effectiveness even further. In this article we show how this works.

What is the difference between an Ontology and a Business Rule?

This is a question we often get. In this article we will explain both concepts, and show you how they are interrelated. In short, an Ontology defines the structure and meaning of the type of things (entities) within a domain, whereas Business Rules define or constrain the behavior of those things.

How are an Ontology and a Business Rule connected?

Ontologies and Business Rules are different things, but they are connected. So much connected that some Business Rules can’t even exist without an Ontology! In this blog, we will show how they are connected following a simple example.