Our journey

Why is writing apps made so difficult? Why can’t I read the technical code? How do I know for sure how my app works? And how can I show to my users that my app does no harm to them? These questions have kept us awake for a long time. That is why several years ago we decided to research the hypothesis: Writing fully functional software can be done in natural language.

After many hours of research and development, we did it! A development platform that allows anyone who can read and write to build their own apps. And not in a short-lived manner, where you’re either limited in what you can build, or where it becomes too technical and complex after a while. Our promise is: no technical skills needed, ever.

Next to a more transparent and human centric approach to software development, we believe in the principles of:

  • Decentralization: You should not have to depend on big tech companies to run your app. It should be possible to build and host it yourselves.
  • Fairness: You should be able to run your app for a fair price. No mandatory fees, but donations based on true added value.
  • Privacy: The privacy of you and your users should be guaranteed. Privacy by design out-of-the-box, and impossible to turn off.

Our journey has not ended yet. We have not reached the top of the mountain. We are merely at the base camp, but we are sure it is feasible to reach the top! But we really need all the support we can get. Both in donations and in talented and motivated people joining our efforts. Please contact us if you would like to help us reach our goal.

Want to know more?

Read about the personal journey of our CTO and founder of Hapsah in Business Rules Journal.

Or ask a question of give us feedback via our contact form.