Write app with Hapsah modeler

Welcome to Hapsah modeler. Have fun writing!

Before you start writing, please note:
  • Although fully functional, this is still a demo. Ideas for improvement? Give us feedback.
  • You are working in a shared workspace, possibly at the same time with other users.
Ready to start writing?

Maybe I need some explanation first… Go to tutorials.
Finished writing?
Hapsah does not need to compile code or generate database changes. At any time during your writing activities, you can run your app:

Manage workspace
Reset workspace by choosing:
  • ‘Reload’ to reload the Grocery store example as described in the tutorials section.
  • ‘Clear’ to empty the current workspace and start fresh.
Please note: This demo version of Hapsah has one shared workspace for multiple users. Using these options clears or resets the workspace for all active users.