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Everyone deserves a tailor-made app. No more unwanted features. You decide what you need. Quickly create, launch, and refine your app. All done in plain language and one seamless flow.

With the Hapsah platform you build apps that

don’t require coding skills

are fully secure

are super fast

never run into tech issues

Customer success story: Vormz

Tailor-made printer maintenance app

“Vormz is a 3D printing service bureau and we were looking for software solution that can help in our daily business. With the Hapsah platform, we found a great solution and a reliable partner.

Our first app, for the maintenance of all our machines, is live and we are working on the requirements for more modules. Many thanks to Hapsah for their boundless energy to get it done.”

Roel Spans – co-owner of Vormz

Quick start

All the code you need for an app that automatically sends a greeting when the first name of a person is set:

Write, deploy and test your app in minutes in one seamless flow

Easy to write

Write your app in using human readable text

Test while writing

Test your app ‘on-the-fly’ while writing it

run instantly

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How to write a simple Hapsah app in 10 minutes